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Gary is a gentleman from Minnesota whose life was changed when he accidentally inhaled toxic gasses, permanantly damaging his lungs.  Despite quality care and evaluation, he has learned that he is ineligible for a lung transplant, meaning he must live his life without the chances of his lung health significantly improving.  Gary is an active family man and his condition has limited his ability to participate in activites with his children and grandchildren, not to mention performing the daily activities many of us take for granted.

NIOV (Non-Invasive Open Ventilation) is a new product in the respiratory care field, manufactured by Breathe Technologies, and there are many people like Gary out there that could potentially benefit from a product like NIOV.  In the brief 6-minute video interview I conducted and have posted below, Gary discusses how NIOV has improved his quality of life, and how there are challenges in having his NIOV therapy covered by insurance.



If you have trouble viewing the video above, you can watch the video on YouTube by following this link:

In addition to interviewing Gary, I recently presented a PowerPoint on NIOV at the Virginia Association of CardioVascular & Pulmonary Rehabilitation's (VACVPR) annual conference in Richmond. The presentation outlines what NIOV is (and is not), what type of individuals NIOV may benefit, and what existing bench and clinical data on NIOV suggests. This PowerPoint presentation can be viewed in PDF format by clicking here (or right click and "Save As..." to save to your computer).

If you have any questions regarding NIOV and its application, you can contact Breathe Technologies at:

Or feel free to contact me via our Contact Page.


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