CPAP Meter

Valley Inspired Products' CPAP Meter measures the pressure being delivered by a CPAP unit. The CPAP Meter is intended for use as a "spot check" for CPAP pressure delivery to ensure the unit is delivering accurate pressures.  When the CPAP Meter is connected to an operating CPAP unit via standard 22mm CPAP tubing, the numbered line indicator closest to the center of the ball is the units pressure reading.

As of April, 2016, CPAP Meters are now manufactured and distributed by AG Industries. Please direct all Pulsemeter orders to AG Industries. VIP will no longer take orders for CPAP Meters.



Caution: This product is designed as a tool for `spot-checking' CPAP devices. It should not be used to make clinical decisions or change prescribed settings. If you have any doubt about the proper setting or operation of the CPAP unit, call the supplier.

1. Disconnect the CPAP mask from the patient circuit (CPAP tubing).

2. Connect the patient circuit directly to the large end of the CPAP Meter.

3. Turn on the CPAP unit. Do not activate any ramp or delay features.

4. Hold the CPAP Meter straight up.  Do not block the top of the meter.

5. The line closest to the center of the ball represents the pressure being delivered by the CPAP unit.

6. When finished, replace CPAP meter in its protective package. Dirt, lint or other contaminants may cause the CPAP Meter to read inaccurately. 

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